• Emerging Market Leader in Ontario With a Solid Store Profile
    ShinyBud Corp. is a multi-banner cannabis retailer with over 35 corporate and licensed stores across Ontario – Canada’s largest cannabis market. A well-established retailer with strong industry partnerships, near-term expansion plans are underway to access underserved markets. ShinyBud operates under the banners Shiny Bud, mīhī Cannabis and Budget Bud.
  • Leveraging Extensive Retail Operating Experience That is Unmatched in The Sector
    ShinyBud’s board of directors and management team have a combined 100 years’ experience in building some of Canada’s most iconic retail and QSR brands. Leveraging this extensive branding, franchising, and retail operating expertise is a key competitive differentiator in leading the Company’s growth strategy and brand development.
  • Capital Light Organic Growth Opportunities Underway
    Focused on becoming the top cannabis retailer in Ontario. The franchise model is expected to be capital light, access new markets, and increase operational leverage. The Company is also evaluating efficient means of getting product to consumers faster, such as its mīhī Express pilot store.
  • Focused and Disciplined Expansion Through M&A Opportunities
    Additional growth opportunities include converting licensed locations to wholly-owned corporate stores, turnaround store acquisitions, and strategic partnerships and acquisitions in health and wellness – a key driver of consumer cannabis growth in Canada. ShinyBud closely monitors changes to the regulatory framework regarding the sale of cannabis health and medical products.
A hand holding a ShinyBuds bag