About Shiny Health & Wellness

Shiny Health & Wellness is on a mission to help people Never Settle, Live Fully by being a trusted source for health and wellness solutions and services.

We first established ourselves as a retail cannabis company centered on becoming a premier adult-use cannabis retailer in Ontario, and have since broadened our retail growth strategy to focus on a more robust customer-driven health and wellness model by targeting the strategic acquisition of independent retail pharmacies.

This retail extension stems from a deep understanding of what our customers are looking for as it relates to their health and wellness needs. We believe that the convergence of cannabis, health and wellness, pharmacies and medical care services is where the growth potential lies for our Company, and that adding pharmacies to our corporate portfolio will strengthen our business model. Our board and management team hold extensive retail operating experience, a key competitive differentiator in leading our growth strategy.

Shiny Health & Wellness trades on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) under the ticker symbol SNYB.