About mīhī

Never Settle, Live Fully.

mīhī (pronounced “meehee”) in Latin means “for me” and reflects our mission to help people Never Settle, Live Fully. mīhī is a new division of our company looking to establish a network of community pharmacies across Ontario, in cities and towns big and small. This retail extension stems from a deep understanding of what our customers are looking for as it relates to their health and wellness needs. 

Interested in Selling Your Pharmacy?

We are a team of skilled retail operators who believe in the importance of community. Contact us for a confidential conversation on selling your pharmacy and to learn how we will provide the necessary support for a successful transition for you, your business, and your community.

To explore your options, contact our team at mike@mihihealthandwellness.com.

To learn more about mīhī, visit www.mihihealthandwellness.com.